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Highway Engineering and Transportation

In the field of highway engineering and transportation SMEC has carried out investigations and feasibility studies, as well as the design, construction and construction management projects have ranged from four-lane dual carriageway highways with grade-separated interchanges to feeder roads and village access tracks. This background, together with our expertise across a range of disciplines, allows the company to cover all aspects of road and transportation engineering.

SMEC's expertise in this field includes:

  • Project formation and appraisal
  • Feasibility studies
  • Transport planning and traffic engineering
  • Road design and documentation
  • Project management and construction supervision
  • Road rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Survey, mapping, field investigation, laboratory testing and analysis
  • Railway engineering
  • Training and institutional development
  • Pavement and road maintenance management systems

Roads and Highways

Roads and Highways

SMEC has completed road and highway projects which ranged from phases of formulation and feasibility study to the construction phase. Our project list further includes the development of rehabilitation, pavement management and maintenance program.

SMEC offers full range of engineering consultancy services in investigation required for the design of roads and ancillary structures. These include conducting surveys, hydrological studies, and geological and materials investigations.

We have completed road design assignments, and the preparation of tender documents and specifications for projects, ranging from feeder roads to four-lane highways. We use modern and progressive techniques, state-of-the-art computer programs (including MOSS, and CIVILCAD software) to ensure that designs are developed rigorously and completed according to schedule.

Our engineers have extensive experience in the preparation of technical specifications for the effective construction of all components of practical and economical road and highway systems. This experience includes the preparation of bid documents outlining the conditions for tendering, conditions of contract and specification details.

We provide a complete range of services for the investigation, analysis and design of all types of pavements, including designs for the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing pavements, using sophisticated computer programs. SMEC's specialists have implemented Pavement Management System (PMS) and is now in use in Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur.


SMEC has a team of specialised engineers with extensive knowledge on this field of bridge engineering. This expertise includes the investigation, design and construction of steel, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete bridges. We are prominent in assessment of existing bridges, design and effect bridge rehabilitation.

Our experienced staffs that specialise in this field work for bridge location and design are available to carry out the initial field surveys and foundation investigations. In general bridge designs are based on clients' requirements and, where appropriate, utilise standard designs and components readily available and transportable to the site.

We use computer-aided design methods extensively. The programs which are either available commercially or developed by SMEC enable us to analyse large and complicated structural systems.


SMEC has expertise in many disciplines which have direct application to railway engineering and our engineers and technicians have carried out a number of assignments in this field.

Many aspects of SMEC's road and bridge engineering capabilities are relevant to railway engineering. Our expertise in other fields such as tunnel engineering, hydrology, geology and materials investigation, fluid mechanics, construction supervision and contract management are also relevant.

We provide experts engineering consultancy services for many technical areas of railway engineering including rolling stock, signalling, track works, SCADA, telecommunication, power supply, bridges and tunnels.


Either using in-house resource or working in association with project partners, SMEC is able to provide a full range of professional services in civil and structural engineering, and for the delivery of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic building services.

Past engineering building projects have included designs in structural steel, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, timber and masonry. Extensive use is made of computer support facilities in the analysis, design and drafting phases of projects.

SMEC's established experience in all aspects of project delivery gives it the necessary capacity to lead a project through to a successful outcome.

Building projects undertaken so far have incorporated the best of local materials and have maximised the use of natural ventilation and light to ensure cost-effectiveness, both during construction and subsequent operation. The company's designers balance a commitment to providing a durable structure that requires minimal maintenance with a concern to ensure that all solutions accord with the natural environment and faster user enjoyment of the building.


Scope Of Concept:

  • Concept formulation
  • Design development
  • Detail design
  • Cost planning
  • Tendering, negotiating, awarding of tenders
  • Site superintendence
  • Contract administration
  • Procurement
  • Project Management

Project Listing:

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