Hydro Power Engineering


SMEC's expertise and experience in the design of hydro power generating and pumping stations comes from the direct involvement of our staff in many hydro power engineering projects beginning with the conceptual stage through to the detailed design and construction, over the last 16 years.

The hydro power stations that we have designed range in size from 30kW micro stations to large projects of up to 2100MW generating capacity. Our hydro power design capability includes:

  • Surface power stations
  • Underground power stations
  • Pumped storage power stations, and
  • Pumping stations.

Sound and economic design of intake towers in reservoirs, intake structures, and outlet structures is an integral part of most hydro power developments. Our civil engineers provide a complete range of services for all structures of these types, including consideration of foundations, hydraulic behavior, flow-induced vibration, and static and dynamic structural design.

Dam Engineering

Dam Engineering

SMEC engineers are experts in the design and analysis of all types of dams including both earth fill and earth-rock embankment dams. We also provide an analysis of existing dams, including the design of remedial works if required.


In addition to dam spillways and water control facilities, SMEC's engineering specialists are engaged by our clients to provide the conceptual development, the detailed design and the supervision of construction of gated river barrages, diversion structures for off stream storages and flood retention basins.


Our in-house geotechnical expertise covers foundation exploration and investigation of construction materials. We provide our clients with complete dam design packages where we use our instrumentation experiences that involve installation and maintenance of instruments.

In addition, our wide experience on many different projects ensures that the effects of important construction considerations such as river diversion and other significant activities are included in the design process.

SMEC has comprehensive experience and expertise in the surveillance and monitoring of existing dams. We recommend the scope of dam surveillance and dam monitoring, depending upon the type of dam, its size, its storage capacity and whether it has a low, medium or high hazard rating. We prepare recommendations on the establishment and operation of a dam surveillance unit within the dam owner's organisation.

Our engineering and consultancy services are packaged to clients based on their requirements. These requirements may include design specifications with project management and construction supervision services.


SMART Tunnel

Tunnels and Underground Space

SMEC has extensive experience in all aspects of underground works. Our specialist engineers have substantial expertise in the design and construction of tunnels, shafts and underground structures. These may be applied for railway, road, water supply, sewerage, drainage, hydroelectric, irrigation or mining projects.

We have been involved in providing engineering services for more than 50 km of tunnels of various sizes and sections ranging from 1.2 m in diameter through to large caverns. We have also provided engineering services for vertical and sloping shafts and for many large underground excavations.


Our capability in tunnels and underground space includes a full range of services for structures in a range of soil and rock types. The excavation methods may include conventional drill and blast and mechanical methods using TBM, road header, pipe jacking, and shaft-raising plant. The support methods may include modern rock mechanics and NATM design, using various rock bolt types and steel-fibred or mesh-reinforced concrete. Our expertise also covers concrete lining using mobile formwork systems or segmental liners, various methods of waterproofing including grouting, membranes and fibreglass vapour barriers, and grouting either for improving rock mass characteristics or inducing pre stress in concrete lining.


SMEC engineers are expert in the design and construction of pressure and gravity pipelines. Our involvement in pipelines has covered projects requiring large to medium diameter surface as well as underground pipelines of various sizes for water supply, hydroelectric, drainage and irrigation projects.

We deliver a significant reduction in purchase and running cost by applying optimisation techniques in the dynamic modelling of pipeline systems.


Mechanical & Electrical

SMEC's electrical and mechanical engineering expertise in hydroelectric power engineering has been called on for many years by the power supply industry, by government agencies and by private sector clients.

We have achieved prominence in this field through applying our technical, economic and managerial knowledge and experience to:

  • Complete hydroelectric projects including pumped storage schemes
  • Hydro turbines and auxiliaries
  • Hydro generators and auxiliaries
  • High voltage transmission systems
  • Low voltage distribution systems
  • SCADA, automatic control and protection systems
  • Telecommunications and telemetry systems
  • Hydraulic gates and valves
  • Maintenance management

Within these fields, the services which our experienced engineering and technical personnel offer include:

Mechanical and Electrical
Mechanical and Electrical
Mechanical and Electrical
  • Plant parameter determination
  • Power system modelling and analysis
  • Equipment cost estimation
  • Design and specification
  • Factory test and progress inspection
  • Erection and commissioning supervision
  • Project reports and operation and maintenance manuals
  • Economic and financial modelling and tariff studies

In addition to the planning and implementation of new facilities, SMEC also carries out technical and economic analyses of existing installations. Such analyses provide the basis for upgrading obsolescent equipment to improve operational flexibility and overall plant reliability.

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